About Us

PugSavers was founded in June 2002 by a group of former P.R.O.S. members who wanted to do more to help the pugs in their community. They all work hard to do what they can for the needy pugs in the area. Our philosophy is as follows: 

1. We will rescue any pug or pug mix, regardless of age, temperament or health.

2. We will provide health care and treatment for all dogs who come into our rescue, and will spay or neuter all animals prior to adoption.

3. If a dog is unadoptable because of age or health issues, it will be placed in a hospice home.

4. We will act as advocates for the pug breed and will do whatever possible to rescue pugs from unsafe or abusive situations.

5. We will carefully screen all potential adoptive homes and will strive to place each dog in a "forever home."

6. We will educate the public about the pug breed, and will network with other groups and organizations who share our philsophy.

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and also check out

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